• Rex to open Brisbane lounge

    Sep 14, 2022, 08:59 AM

    Rex are doing a great job, keeping things fair and airfares competitive, certainly would support them if located on the East Coast as 1-1.5 hour flights for many is simply in Y with a good price.    

  • Fantastic News! Can certainly see the benefits the Airbus fleet will bring to Qantas so nice work! Although I love the old 717 seat pitch, this will be a grate modern transformation.  

  • Thanks once again ET for the latest news hot off the press. Cairns direct from Perth.. yay no Jetstar Redeye and sweetened by the $99 happy hour fare so taking the family or 6 whilst using a travel credit. ET is my go to for airline news! 

  • Think this new offering is 50/50 with more work to do. The soft drink prices are good at $3.50 (Jetstar $4) however assume they’re only the 200ml cans. Mr Lee’s noodles are quite nice, they’re no longer available @ supermarkets so probably tempted to buy on board. Very...

  • Will be interesting flying PER - SYD lunch flight on Friday, looking forward to seeing a BOB menu, provided there’s some alternatives to your normal Soft Drinks, Nice chip dip item & Vegan Meal, I’ll then certainly be keen to buy! Countdown to Thursday’s reveal! 

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  • Great use of miles, Air NZ are a great airline & rewards bookings are considered as the Works so bags, meals, drinks & entertainment provided. I see plenty of availability (probably less Melb), you simply need to select Star Alliance on the results page.

  • Aus-NZ Bubble

    Aug 01, 2020, 06:31 PM

    Opening up a travel bubble with our closest neighbour is critical in the coming months to start our economic recovery. The number of Kiwi's who return to NZ for various personal circumstances regularly & across the ditch for Christmas is massive. With WA traveller's impacted last Christmas by...

  • No Qantas flights, just Jetstar

    May 01, 2020, 01:04 PM

    It's the opposite here in the West where JQ has pulled out which is understanding so thankfully the government coughed up money so we can continue to have some form of connection, even if it's only a daily flight to Syd & Mel.

  • What are loads like

    Mar 18, 2020, 02:17 AM

    Just come back from the red eye Per - Bris on Friday night with it being a full load & then Tuesday evening Qantas Syd - Per leg on a330, good amount of single FIFO Workers, predominately 2 middle seats empty so good loads but normally these evening flights are full due to being cheaper. Oth...

  • A330 Perth - Brisbane

    Aug 26, 2017, 09:39 AM

    The only scheduled A330 flights from Brisbane now are on Sunday's 470 flight at 1745 & Thursday's 476 flight at 2050. The evening flight out of Brisbane was commonly an A330 although this has now certainly changed. 

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