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Be interested to hear from people travelling domestic or international how many people are on flights at present. Are their lots of spare seats? Seems capacity is being managed.


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I did Melbourne~Adelaide with Qantas last Wed and Sun and both flights were 90% full.

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Middle seat empty on all flights domestically Adelaide Brisbane, Brisbane Sydney, Sydney Adelaide, I noticed a lot of cancelled Brisbane Sydney Melbourne city flights only hourly departures

That was last Wed Thurs Friday

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International flights to leisure destinations ex Perth (think Bali) left today at about 20% load factor, some as low as 3% (less than 5 pax).

Overall there's very few international flights leaving with over 50% load factor (only ones I've seen above this are QF to LHR, EK to DXB and QR to DOH) and the preliminary numbers provided are not even accurate as so many of the bookings are no-shows.


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Flew into Singapore yesterday from Hanoi on SQ. only 9 seats occupied in business class but economy seemed to be reasonably full judging by the departure gate numbers. Hotel in Hanoi had an occupancy rate of less than 10%. Flying back to UK later today from Changi and on check in (online) flight seems to be reasonably full. Guess there's a bunch of people wanting to position themselves before even tighter travel restrictions. I know that's my rationale as the issue is we simply don't know how long this will last.


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Flew QF414 MEL-SYD at 0800 today. Maybe 15-20% load on an A330. On that flight there's rarely a seat free on a Monday.


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Flew CNS BNE Fri night (half empty), then BNE ADL was cancelled due to low loads the ground staff told me when I arrived in BNE. Had to then fly out very early Sat morning (6am dept) and I would say there was 40 people on the QF 737.

Yesterday flew ADL MEL QF (full 737) and MEL CNS with about every middle seat empty in the entire plane so about 2/3rds full. Scary scary times!! x


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Flew TSV-BNE twice last 2 weeks, 70% full on the 4 flights.


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Flew LHR/PER few days ago. Flight fully booked but half of business cabin were no shows. Ended up being 70% full


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Flew VA BNE-ADL on Thursday morning last week, 1 in J maybe 1/2 full in Y. Did ADL-BNE yesterday afternoon, 8/8 in J, looked to be about 90-95% full in Y.


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Just come back from the red eye Per - Bris on Friday night with it being a full load & then Tuesday evening Qantas Syd - Per leg on a330, good amount of single FIFO Workers, predominately 2 middle seats empty so good loads but normally these evening flights are full due to being cheaper.

Other evening flight from Melb - Per seemed quite good.

Sydney Airport Tuesday 6pm was dead. No one in Taxi line.

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SIN - LHR last night on BA16. Flight virtually full as everyone was looking to get positioned knowing that they maybe had a 48 hour window before movement became virtually impossible. Was told by one guy that his economy ticket on the SIN - LHR leg cost over £1000 in fare difference charges when moved from Weds. Popped my head into T5 departure concourse at LHR on arrival and it was like a ghost town.

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