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Why isn't the federal government allowing flights between NZ and states like WA, SA, QLD etc? Plus, there should be no quarantine for people on these sectors, what do you guys think?


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Because that wouldn't suit the feds image with state borders working well allowing a bubble with NZ.

I know NZ have publicly said they would be happen to have a Tasman bubble with select states - which would be of greater benefit to Air NZ than QF, flying to CNS, MCY, BNE, OOL, ADL and PER while QF would only fly from BNE



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The whole COVID thing is at a delicate stage; even with closed borders people are still crossing, and a flight to NZ would be an added incentive to do the wrong thing. As crossroads hotel showed once COVID gets out of the bottle it is hard to put back.


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Just had our qantas flights from Canberra to Queenstown via Sydney cancelled that were supposed to depart 1st September


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NZ won't open to Queensland with their borders open to NSW. They've speculated TAS, WA and SA only for now.

But I can imagine it's not going to happen until all states have it under control; or, in New Zealand's view - eliminated from the community.


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Opening up a travel bubble with our closest neighbour is critical in the coming months to start our economic recovery.

The number of Kiwi's who return to NZ for various personal circumstances regularly & across the ditch for Christmas is massive.

With WA traveller's impacted last Christmas by the Air NZ 787 issues causing high prices & less schedules, it would be unfortunate to further restrictions again this year.

I'm hopeful that the government can open up a travel bubble by October or November at the latest.

With good measure's, this can be managed.

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