• I’m holding $25,000 in credits that I’ll now be converting to refunds. No incentives offered. I’m also currently waiting (about 3 months) for refunds totalling $14,000.

  • They would have been smart to copy Qantas and just extend everyones status for a year, but unfortunately, Virgin is not a smart airline.I went online to cancel a flight for 1 April and got a pop-up that I needed to call customer service. I phoned via the Velocity line, waited 32 minutes and was t...

  • Interesting idea. I've been Platinum for 36 years and have Lifetime Gold (35,000 lifetime credits) with no hope of making Lifetime Platinum (too old). Last year I did a bit over 3,000 status credits and at the end of the year decided to only aim to renew Platinum and use other airlines this year....

  • I'll be sticking with the Qantas First lounge. I'm there regularly and it's hard to beat, especially if you are flying QF or CX.

  • Cathay WiFi is the worst I have experienced. Dropouts and slow speeds are common. Cathay uses Panasonic which is much worse than airlines using gogo inflight.

  • AMEX Centurion Card invitation

    Dec 14, 2018, 02:51 PM

    I was invited to join and declined. As I now have a US address as well I'm thinking about applying there. It's less expensive and seems to offer more advantages. Any advice?