• I wonder when we can hope to see post flight access to lounges re-instated. I often fly VA to SYD then Rex to WGA or DBO. The Rex waiting area is a bit sad, especially for a 3 hour wait. I know I could get priority pass or pay for Rex access but the Rex lounge isn’t that flash

  • The description of the Gold Coast lounge as a “smaller” lounge, whilst being true in square meters, does see immense traffic. This would probably be the last push I need to go back to QF if the OOL lounge were to close. 

  • Will be so happy to see regular services back in OOL. Will be even happier to see two airlines to keep our fare structure right. No international services is ok, so long as we see some solid code sharesI need a holiday

  • I hope VA is reading this. Maybe a lifetime ANYTHING would be a good start

  • Hi Chris, can you clarify.....Air Asia out of OOL generally don’t include drinks. You’ll normally score one freebie with your (included) meal but then its MYR or credit card thereafter.

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  • I had a claim last year in the USA with a burbling appendix. A week in hospital then a flight home. I was with Chubb and they were unbelievable. Sorted the hospital. All out of pockets were paid within 7 days. BUT. I am now married to Chubb as they only made a moderate increase this year and have...

  • To be honest, I like this. I wish Virgin would take a more stringent approach. Was in row 1 the other day out of OOL and struggled to make space for my 5kg sports bag. Plenty of pax with roller plus small bag plus laptop plus etc etc etc

  • Virgin Travel Card loading limit

    Dec 16, 2016, 09:24 PM

    Have just reloaded my Virgin prepaid card a few times this week and have had the "loads" rejected and returned to meAfter a call tonight I've been informed there is now an annual limit on loading. The call center had no details other than it was new and apologised. I've certainly received no noti...

  • I've finally found a sufficiently pertinent question to put on this website (Having hid spookily in the shadows for twelve months)I am a "fuller figured" bloke and have travelled to LAX three times in the past three years. I travel with a business associate that is "fuller figured"So far has been...

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