• Just last week a flight out or MEL which was delayed by 40mins saw the staff stop and insist on weighing every bag! So much for common sense. Many PAX had tight connections so further delaying departure was ridiculous.

  • Platinum One and bags NEVER off first. Last week in MEL 45mins!!!!

  • No Qantas Club passes for Singapore

    Jan 25, 2019, 03:23 PM

    It is appalling and has been from the get go especially if you are a First Class, Platinum, Platinum 1 or Chairmans. Half the time the area that is meant to be allocated for above travellers is NOT. Last year whilst coming home in First from LHR was told at the entry that the Lounge was full !!!!...

  • Monday Mel to Port Macquarie via Sydney checked 2 bags NEITHER arrived & no one could tell me where they were for HOURS even though Qtagged. Finally found in International!!! Hate checking for this reason.

  • Waste of money to pay Business then be offloaded to a domestic flight. Inferior food, drink seat and not a flat bed. Would never risk it again, much prefer the A380 which you can still do via Singapore again.

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