• And if I'm not in a state to 'do business' when I arrive in HKG, I'll direct my bosses complaints to QF. :-D

  • There goes my plan to get any work done on SYD-HKG next month.

  • Exactly! PER should be rolling out the red carpet for QF because once Project Sunrise arrives, we'll have no reason to visit PER. This was their big opportunity to make themselves a major transit hub for QF flights onto multiple European destinations.

  • So just to clarify, Qantas Golds are now granted access to this Platinum lounge while the business lounge is being refurbished? But when the refurb is completed (in Nov), Golds/Sapphires will be sent back to the business lounge? If so, that's great for me as I'll loose QF Plat in July and fly via...

  • I've literally just changed an award flight from the PVG to SYD via MEL to catch this. It certainly looks better than the seat on the A332. Just to clarify, it'll be a MU flight number but Shanghi Airlines branding?

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  • Qantas A380 refurb schedule

    Jun 26, 2019, 04:08 PM

    Originally Posted by johninoz Am flying PE MEL-SIN mid October this year. Just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get the refurbed plane with the new awful PE seats. Thankfully the remainder of my journey to Europe is on Singapore in PE and home on Qatar in Business. Haven't flown on Qantas...

  • Originally Posted by Briggo It's still a dog. Try n time flights for when the EK lounge is open + Good idea! I'm also dropping to Gold in a few months and wasn't looking forward to the QF J lounge so I might hop over to EK.

  • Qantas 787 domestics routes

    Jul 05, 2018, 06:57 PM

    Obviously there's no guarantee but I booked a domestic 787 flight on VH-ZNA 2-3 weeks prior to the flight (it was listed as an A330 on the website but the seat map was 789) and it wasn't swapped out. There were a few of us who flew down to MEL together (and immediately flew back to SYD haha) and ...

  • Cathay F recommendations - hkg to jfk

    Mar 30, 2018, 08:39 PM

    Originally Posted by blingwadI'm probably in for some down votes but i personally don't see what all the fuss is about the Pier F, if its near your gate then fine otherwise the Wing/Deck/QF are fine. But i like to see the planes coming and going so maybe thats where my bias is. While I'm a fan o...

  • I think QF are keen to discourage people flying PER-MEL-only on the 787. Having said that, if you're really keen to check it out, you can catch it on a limited number of domestic flights (I think VH ZNC has arrived and now flying domestically). It's alsmost identical to the A330 business suites t...

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