• IF Qantas did pull out of Dallas, just watch Air NZ and United up the capacity.Interesting to see in their application though, that Qantas has 29.1% market share of SYD-LAX, Virgin has 22.3%, AA 11.9%, United 11.2%, Delta 10.6% and Air NZ 7.1%.

  • Virgin's Economy X = 'extra legroom'

    Mar 30, 2017, 04:10 PM

    Air New Zealand offer a Space+ for Koru, Gold and Gold Elite passengers.  Theirs is the whole front half of the aircraft.

  • When I was Air NZ Gold, Virgin allowed me to "Fly Ahead" at no cost too.

  • And also the forward economy section of the AirNZ plane is 32-33 pitch

  • and obviously air nz are missing out on revenue there.  Everytime I fly from WLG, the people in the lounge don't sit in works deluxe and don't get meals, so obviously not paying for works either.