Using your Diners Club charge card for airport lounge access

By Chris C., June 14 2016
Using your Diners Club charge card for airport lounge access

Through its network of partners across the globe, Diners Club offers cardholders unlimited and complimentary access to over 500 airport lounges, regardless of which airline you’re travelling with and where you’re sitting on board.

Better yet, with basic Australian Diners Club cards available from just $95/year – or $150/year with frequent flyer points – lounging via Diners is considerably more cost effective than paying for a comparable US$399/year (A$548) Priority Pass membership to access many of the same lounges.

Facilities vary from lounge to lounge with some providing shower facilities, open bars and wireless Internet while others are more reserved: you can see what awaits in any given city by browsing the Diners Club website.

Among the list, the Emperor Lounge in Auckland, three Plaza Premium Lounges in Hong Kong, the SATS Premier Lounges in Singapore, the Korean Air lounge in Los Angeles and the No. 1 Traveller lounge at London Heathrow.

Coverage is also ample across Europe and the Middle East with partner lounges in cities such as Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha opening their doors to Diners Club cardholders, along with a further web of lounges spanning North and South America, Asia and South Africa. This makes it one of the best lounge access credit cards around!

However, as no Australian lounges are part of Diners’ lounge program, you’ll want to retain your Qantas Club or Virgin Australia Lounge membership to cover your domestic trips.

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

15 Jun 2016

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Hi Chris,

Great tip - I have a trip at the end of this year through the US and Europe where this will come in very handy.

The diners club website is pretty clunky. I can't find any cards with the basic fee of $95 - the only one I came across is the Qantas diners club which is $95 plus mandatory $55 for the rewards program.

Strangely the card with a smaller minimum income is more complicated and expensive.. $135 annually plus another 70 if you want the rewards program.

Have I missed something or is the $95 option an error?


24 Apr 2012

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The $95 price is correct – the rewards program fee only applies if you want to earn points (which is almost all card users), but if you want to opt-out, you'd just pay the annual fee.

Will you get access to the lounges if you opt-out of the reward component?

i.e. pay only $95 anually for access to Diners Club range of lounges.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

29 Jul 2014

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Ive had the Diners Club free for many years, it came with an associated credit card

My wife uses it mainly in Asia .

The contract lounges vary a  fair bit in terms of their offerings but the Diners website gives you  a guide as to what is avaliable  but  at least they are free which is the main thing

06 Sep 2016

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Hi Chris

Thanks for the great information. Very helpful!

I am thinking to get a Diners card primarily to use it for lounge access. 

Would you happen to know if Dinersclub card could be used twice at two different lounges in the same day at the same airport? for example, could I use it at international arivals lounge for a few hours, then use it at domestic departures again the same day to kill the time?

Is the maximun stay 4 hours?

Thanks mate.


24 Oct 2010

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Hi Vick – those are quite specific enquiries, best you contact Diners Club directly and ask them.

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