Virgin Australia to start flights to Hong Kong through Atlantic

By danwarne, August 25 2011
Virgin Australia to start flights to Hong Kong through Atlantic

Virgin Australia will start codeshare flights to Hong Kong on Virgin Atlantic aircraft from early next year.

The flights will be sold under Virgin Australia’s long-haul international airline V Australia codes.

Passengers will earn frequent flyer points and status credits at Virgin Australia rates and get access to Virgin Atlantic’s swanky Hong Kong Clubhouse lounge.

The service runs daily out of Sydney and Hong Kong on A340-600 aircraft and features Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class, Premium Economy and Economy classes. (See our guide to the best seats on this aircraft.)

"This agreement compliments our existing global alliance strategy, providing a new codeshare destination for our guests and further strengthens our new frequent flyer program launched today”, says Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti.

The Virgin Atlantic flights to Hong Kong depart from Sydney International Airport daily at 2.25pm.

Of course, competition for the Sydney to Hong Kong route is fierce, with Cathay Pacific's new premium economy to appear first on the route.


15 Apr 2011

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Any word on the rebranding to V Australian to Virgin?? If the official position is for new codeshares to start next year under V Aus then it doesn't look like we're going to be seeing a unified brand by the end of the year :(

09 May 2011

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Nothing more than casual observation at this point, but I've definitely seen more domestic (DJ) flights start picking up VA codeshares: this includes those which seem unlikely to connect with any VA services.  It'd make sense from a marketing perspective to sell all flights with the 'VA' code ("Virgin Australia flight 123" sounds like "Qantas Flight 123" for instance).

Just my $0.02.

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