Virgin Blue gets 'Virgin Australia' name

By David Flynn, April 11 2011
Virgin Blue gets 'Virgin Australia' name

Update: we now have the new Virgin Australia logo to go with the Virgin Australia brand.

Previous: In the clearest sign yet of Virgin Blue's new 'Virgin Australia' brand the airline has taken ownership of the Internet name.

That name, along with Virgin Pacific, is registered to the London-based trademark umbrella group Virgin Enterprises, which owns and 'leases' over 2000 Virgin trademarks around the world.

Over the weekend FlightGlobal's Will Horton revealed that Virgin Enterprises won the rights to the Virgin Australia name previously held by a Melbourne-based company named Virgin Australia Pty Ltd, which rather oddly sold bookmarks (the kind you use in printed books, not websites).

Horton also notes that "the previous owner of the Virgin Australia Twitter account has been suspended, paving the way for the carrier to acquire it."

Virgin Blue CEO John Borghetti has said the airline's new brand will be launched before the end of June, but with a raft of changes already in place sources are now tipping the new 'Virgin Australia' brand to be revealed next month.

(For what it's worth, the address is held by Mr Santino Di Bella, who previously had a run-in with the Branson empire over his plan to sell Virgin International condoms bearing a stylised 'V' logo through vending machines in pubs and clubs. Branson's legal eagles won that stoush, too.)

Coverage of Virgin Blue's overhaul

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11 Apr 2011

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I don't think that can be taken as a clear sign that Virgin Australia is the new name - I think it'd make more sense for the domain to be registered to Virgin Blue Airlines Ltd.

Virgin Enterprises Ltd (The Virgin Group) registers all sorts of Australian domain names that will likely never be brands or companies in Australia.

A quick search of the Whois lookup reveals that Virgin Enterprises Ltd have also registered;;;

I also discovered that Virgin Blue Airlines Ltd has registered the domain...

24 Oct 2010

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It's not a clear sign but (as we say in the article) it's the clearest sign yet.

Virgin Enterprises indeed registers all those names, as placeholders in case they're ever needed locally - that's because VE holds the trademarks and licenses them out, as is currently done with (it's held by VE and licensed to Virgin Blue Group, so one would expect the same arrangement to be in place for Virgin Australia).

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