Your unofficial guide to Accor ALL Diamond status

We dive into the perks of Accor's new Diamond tier and how to earn it when it launches in late 2019.

By Brandon Loo, September 9 2019
Your unofficial guide to Accor ALL Diamond status

Accor's LeClub rewards program will soon become ALL – 'Accor Live Limitless' – and with that comes two new top-tier status levels above Platinum: Diamond and Black.

Accor ALL Black will be an invite-only tier for VIPs and guests who practically live their lives out of a suitcase, leaving ALL Diamond as the highest tier that business travellers can obtain with stays at Accor properties.

How to earn Accor ALL Diamond status

The existing Accor status levels of Silver, Gold and Platinum are usually earned through staying a set number of nights or by earning status points where €10 (A$16.20) in eligible expenses, converted from the destination currency, is equal to 25 status points.

For example, Platinum status can be earned after staying 60 eligible nights or clocking up 14,000 status points (€5,600 or A$9,060 eligible spend).

However, the new ALL Diamond status can only be earned with 26,000 status points in a calendar year (€10,400 or A$16,830 of eligible spend).

That means that savvy business travellers will have to essentially double their spend at participating Accor hotels every year in order to have a shot at the shiny Diamond card, although it could be argued that this is much easier to achieve than staying considerably more than 60 nights a year.

Taxes, service fees are other similar charges don't count towards eligible spend, so business travellers will realistically end up spending much more than the advertised threshold to actually reach ALL Diamond.

Benefits of Accor ALL Diamond status

So what do you get for spending €4,800 or A$7,765 more every year? Not much, it seems. At the time of writing, just two extra benefits have been announced for Diamond members:

  • Complimentary breakfast on weekends worldwide, even where breakfast or executive lounge access isn't usually offered for Platinum members, such as at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.
  • Complimentary Accor ALL Gold status for a friend. If you have the separate paid AccorPlus membership, then that friend will get it as well, minus the free one-night stay perk.

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In the future, we'd also expect some additional perks involving room upgrades and enhanced amenities to be formally announced.

Accor has promised that existing tiers won't have any benefits removed as part of the change. In fact, Platinum status is being enhanced with two Suite Night upgrades when reaching or maintaining that status, plus additional upgrades at every 4,000 status points earned after that.

Status points earned in 2019 will also count for the qualification of ALL Diamond status in 2020.

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Brandon Loo

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 May 2015

Total posts 79

I think it is worth pointing out that €10,400 is the absolute minimum spend required to reach Diamond, and for 99% of customers they will need to spend substantially more than this to reach Diamond. Taxes and service charges (which are typically 10-20%) don't count towards this spend which means for most people the real spend is going to be closer to €12,000. Additionally, redeemed points don't count. If you are spending €12k you will almost certainly have a lot of points to redeem. So you could probably add another €500-1000. And the spend required when staying at Ibis is double so you can add another €1,200 (or so) if 10% of your stays are at Ibis. I estimate the average spend required to reach Diamond will be closer to €13,000-14,000 (for some guests it will be a little lower and for others it could be substantially higher).

When taking into account the spend required versus the underwhelming benefits it is clear that for most travellers with this budget they would be better off booking hotels through a 3rd party website where there is a lot more flexibility/good deals, and paying extra for breakfast or premium rooms when required - rather than being a slave to a loyalty program.

In particular, the breakfast benefit is so disappointing. And what it demonstrates is that Accor is a slave to their franchise agreements and they are incapable of making the necessary reforms to meet customer expectations and to be competitive with other loyalty programs. At the end of the day my partner and I stayed 120 nights in 2017, 60 nights last year, probably around 30 nights this year, and maybe a dozen nights next year. If that trend is replicated by other guests it is going to hurt Accor.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

19 Aug 2011

Total posts 169

My experience of Accor Platinum status to date has been largely disappointing. Most recently was booked into premises in Auckland to find that I was put on a floor being actively refurbished outside the door (with workmen, their radio, the smells of paint and adhesive and cables across the floor), and when complained told "oh there are other floors without work". What sort of loyalty scheme means that some of your hotels treat the top tier of status holders as if they are just everyday clients, and no the free complementary drink and bottle of wate aren't enough to make it worthwhile. The experience is so varied, as sometimes it is excellent, other times I may as well have booked elsewhere. I'm not going to be Platinum next year, but besides missing lounge access at Swissotels, I doubt I will notice the difference.

22 Sep 2013

Total posts 6

Hello. I‘m Platinum and ended up with around 22,000 status points last year which according to this article should be credited towards Diamond status this year (“ Status points earned in 2019 will also count for the qualification of ALL Diamond status in 2020“). So far these points have not been allocated towards Diamond this year. Has anyone else had this happen? Thanks

14 Oct 2019

Total posts 12

Rob I did get Diamond status but so far it has been incredibly disappointing as there's nothing different to platinum. The five or six hotels (outside Australia) that I want to stay in aren't part of the suite upgrade program. Two hotels I have looked at so far in London don't offer the weekend breakfast!!!

Oh - and even though I am ACCOR plus this did not apply:

Complimentary Accor ALL Gold status for a friend. If you have the separate paid AccorPlus membership, then that friend will get it as well, minus the free one-night stay perk

22 Sep 2013

Total posts 6

Hi Antipodean. Thank you very much for your reply. I understand that the Diamond benefits are not much of a "step up" from Platinum however I consider Diamond to be "Platinum Insurance". I.e. If I don't make enough status points for Platinum for some particular reason this year (99% of my travel is leisure) then I would drop to Platinum rather than Gold next year. It is the same with FF programs (i.e. better to drop to Gold than Silver). Interesting that the free Gold status for a friend didn't apply though...I would suggest contacting a supervisor at Accor in Australia about this if you haven't already. Best regards, Rob

14 Oct 2019

Total posts 12

Hi Rob - yes I figured the soft landing was a perk ( I too am primarily a leisure traveler) - although given the other benefits have not materialized I am abit nervous as to whether this will actually happen!

I did contact ACCOR re the Accor plus with the Gold gifted membership and they said it wasn't correct. I have followed this up again though although am not holding my breath.....

22 Sep 2013

Total posts 6

Hi again! I like the terminology you use (“soft landing”). I have found with Accor Plus (whom I have been with as a paid up member, not via AMEX, for over 10 years since they were Advantage Plus), that they are actually quite reasonable to deal with over Issues such as this, however persistence and talking to the right person is definitely the key (so definitely keep at it). Good luck and please keep me posted...thanks


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 Nov 2018

Total posts 108

Having been awarded the luxurious status of ALL Diamond and having stayed 16 nights away this year at different hotels In Australia ( Sofitel, novotel, mercure & Sebal) i can certainly say it has been very very underwhelming to the point of disappointment.

I have a few trips coming up overseas so maybe it will get better.

Hopefully I would have actually received my physical card by then. If it continues I certainly wouldn't be chasing Diamond status.

14 Oct 2019

Total posts 12

Thanks Lmc! I hope you fare better overseas .

With my ALL Diamond status I cannot understand why the stated benefit of weekend breakfast does not apply in the two London hotels (including Sofitel St James) where I plan to stay. Nor that the suite upgrade is not available at so many hotels.

Any ideas of the best process (or an email address) to provide my feedback/ frustration!??

I too have not received my physical card! Underwhelmed is an understatement!

22 Sep 2013

Total posts 6

Hello. Have you tried [email protected] I have found their team to be very helpful!

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