Accor Live Limitless: Which ALL tiers get complimentary breakfast?

It's the most important meal of the day, but which travellers get it gratis under Accor's new ALL hotel loyalty scheme?

By Chris C., September 4 2019
Accor Live Limitless: Which ALL tiers get complimentary breakfast?

With AccorHotels gearing up for the relaunch of its existing Le Club loyalty program as Accor Live Limitless (ALL), there’s been some confusion among travellers around the breakfast benefits available to top-tier Platinum and Diamond guests once the new ALL scheme takes effect.

The reason? Updates to Accor’s website omitted this much-prized perk as currently offered to Platinum guests at selected hotels, leading some high flyers to believe that the new program would no longer cover their first meal of the day.

Executive Traveller has clarified this with AccorHotels Asia Pacific – here’s what you need to know.

Complimentary breakfast for ALL Platinum members

Currently, Platinum-grade members of Le Club AccorHotels enjoy complimentary access to many hotel club lounges around the world, where breakfast is served daily.

This includes participating properties in Asia Pacific, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Europe.

Additionally, at some Asia Pacific hotels where a club lounge is unavailable – either because the hotel doesn’t have one, or because the hotel chooses not to grant access to Platinum members – complimentary daily breakfast is instead offered at a nominated hotel restaurant.

Under the new ALL scheme, these arrangements will continue for Platinum-grade members, an AccorHotels spokesperson confirmed to Executive Traveller.

Accor's new ALL program won't reduce the benefits you currently receive from Le Club. Supplied
Accor's new ALL program won't reduce the benefits you currently receive from Le Club

Given this benefit varies from one hotel to the next, travellers can consult this page on the Accor website to confirm whether a specific hotel offers lounge access to Platinum members, complimentary daily restaurant breakfast, or neither benefit.

For example, that page confirms that Platinum-grade members staying at the Pullman Sydney Airport hotel receive complimentary access to the hotel’s executive lounge, while those staying at Fairmont Makati, Manila receive free daily restaurant breakfast instead.

If a hotel isn’t listed on that page, neither benefit is offered to Platinum members, such as at the Sofitel New York.

Complimentary breakfast for ALL Diamond members

As Platinum is currently the top tier level in Le Club, the launch of ALL will see the introduction of a new above-Platinum tier, ALL Diamond.

Diamond cardholders will receive all the benefits offered to Platinum members – including the possibility of hotel club lounge access or restaurant breakfast, as above – with the addition of complimentary breakfast on weekends as a worldwide benefit.

Start your day with a fresh hotel breakfast: complimentary on weekends for Diamond members. DepositPhotos
Start your day with a fresh hotel breakfast: complimentary on weekends for Diamond members

Accor’s spokesperson confirms to Executive Traveller that this new Diamond perk will apply at “all Accor Live Limitless program participating hotels globally.”

This means that even if a hotel doesn’t otherwise offer lounge access or daily restaurant breakfast to Platinum and Diamond members (as above), breakfast will still complimentary on weekends for Diamond guests.

It’s also worth noting that while access to Fairmont Gold Lounges is never offered to Platinum or Diamond guests unless staying in an eligible Fairmont Gold room type – as has been the case since Fairmont joined the Accor stable – this global weekend breakfast benefit for Diamond guests “includes Fairmont Hotels & Resorts”, Accor’s spokesperson affirms.

Breakfast options for Accor Plus members

Separate to Le Club, there’s also Accor Plus: a paid program offering its own set of perks. While free daily breakfast isn’t one of them, Accor Plus members do receive discounts on dining at participating hotels across 18 Asia Pacific countries.

This includes 25% off the bill for solo travellers; a 50% discount when dining with one companion; a 33% rebate when visiting the restaurant with two other people; or a 25% discount when the Accor Plus member dines with three guests.

In Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, restaurants also accept multiple Accor Plus cards per table so that guests can maximise their discounts – so a group of four travellers dining together and presenting two Accor Plus cards would boost the discount from 25% to 50%, as the restaurant would use one card for two of the guests (a 50% discount), and the second card for the remaining two guests.

Dine by the water with Accor Plus discounts of up to 50% at Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa, Nadi. Supplied
Dine by the water with Accor Plus discounts of up to 50% at Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa, Nadi

As discounts aren't necessarily available at every hotel in Asia Pacific, or at every restaurant even at those participating hotels, members of Accor Plus can refer to this page of the Accor website to peruse the list of hotels and restaurants where Accor Plus dining benefits are available.

Even after Accor Live Limitless is introduced, Accor Plus will remain intact, as will all its associated benefits, Accor has previously confirmed.

Accor Plus members also receive complimentary Silver status in the current Le Club program, which will simply transition to complimentary Silver status in ALL, offering the same benefits at the same hotels as are available today.

Following questions from Executive Traveller, the relevant Accor Live Limitless website page has also been updated to namecheck complimentary breakfast at participating Asia Pacific hotels as a benefit for ALL Platinum members: its absence here being what had caused the initial confusion among travellers.

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

18 Jul 2018

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Considering Accor staff inability to understand the benefits properly relating to breakfasts before, I think any changes that need an article explaining them are going to make this even more complicated. What is the point of brand loyalty when half their hotels don't apply it properly anyway? I've been platinum for ages but find myself explaining the benefits to staff in many hotels...

I find myself booking and paying for breakfast from the start sometimes just to avoid the annoyances later sometimes which is a pretty bad sign...


01 Jun 2016

Total posts 28

One of the benefits is the complimentary Suite Night upgrade for Platinum and Diamond. Is this an upgrade for a single night of a multiple-day stay or a suite upgrade for the entire stay similar to Hyatt etc. Do we know the launch dates of these benefits? I will be hitting the Platinum membership this month and I hope I could use it for my stay in Oct.

04 Sep 2019

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Hi, i am from Sydney Australia and currently hold a platinum status, would i get a diamond status next year.

I have 24000 status point

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Jan 2014

Total posts 316

One of the reasons I stopped staying with this group, the fact that different hotels just decide to opt out and not provide different things.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

31 Mar 2016

Total posts 23

Well that clears things up! Tried Accor years ago- found it too complicated with too many conditions for individual hotels as such gave up and now have top tier with Hyatt and Hilton - where benefits are clear and straightforward worldwide.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 May 2015

Total posts 77

This is so confusing and complicated. From my perspective it's unacceptable and as is mentioned above so often staff at the hotel aren't even across the benefits. At one hotel (the Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran) I confirmed at check-in that breakfast would be included as a Platinum benefit. Then when I turned up at breakfast the host checked the manifest and said breakfast wasn't included. With great difficulty I explained the Platinum benefit and it took them 5 minutes and a couple of phone calls to work out that actually breakfast was complimentary. Then the following morning the exact same thing happened. What a hassle and so unwelcoming!

What's really disappointing is that Accor could capture the complimentary lounge access and breakfast during the booking process so that there is no confusion when arriving at a hotel. However, because Accors IT systems and website are so poor, they are unable to do this. This is indicative of not just Accor, but so many large companies who have substandard websites and IT infrastructure. In fact, you often can't get basic information about the hotel on the Accor website. It's filled with inaccurate or incomplete room descriptions, it lacks pictures (particularly for new hotels), basic information such as shuttle bus details, gym amenities, and lounge amenities are often absent.

Also Chris, it's worth noting that not all lounges serve breakfast. Eg, when I stayed at the Novotel Bali airport in 2017 they didn't serve breakfast and if you wanted breakfast in the restaurant they charged. Again, this information isn't available on the Accor website.

Sorry, but I'm a very dissatisfied Accor customer who no longer has respect for the brand.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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Accor Live Limitless = Limitless Reasons for Exemptions and Exclusions of Benefits.

What is so difficult about forming a uniform loyalty program which offers benefits to their members? Especially those at the top of the chain. With the rates charged at Fairmont and Sofitel properties, breakfast inclusion should be automatic.

It sounds to me that Accor is making up these rules and exemptions as they go along.

It's for this reason that Accor is always my last and final choice when selecting a property or chain when Marriott, Hilton, IHG or Hyatt are present in the same city. There are a few (kimshep) exemptions of my own such as the Sofitels in New York, Athens and even Melbourne, but these exemptions are few and far between. Loyalty hotel program of choice? Not by a long shot.

02 Nov 2019

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I just stayed at the Novotel Bali airport and as a platinum member was given free breakfast and an upgrade. The breakfast by the way was fabulous. Booked the Fairmont in Sanur without breakfast and received an upgrade and free breakfast. Amattara villas and Sofitel in Nusa Dua the same. Sofitel lounge has reasonable wines and good food so not always necessary to eat in the restaurants. Could not be happier with my membership as being a retiree that loves travelling we can enjoy 5 star service at a reasonable price.

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