Airbus patents interactive touchscreen aircraft windows

By David Flynn, April 1 2015
Airbus patents interactive touchscreen aircraft windows

Airbus has patented a 'smart window' concept which might one day grace the pointy end of its most advanced commercial airliners.

The windows would double as interactive touchscreens through which passengers could identify landmarks ranging from cities on the distant ground below through to local eye-catchers such as the London Eye on approach to Heathrow – and, with the tap of the window, call forth a trove of Wikipedia-style information about that sighting.

The smart windows were first advanced as part of the ambitious Airbus 2050 Concept Plane project which could make the A380 superjumbo look like a box glider.

The Jetson-esque plane included not just panoramic windows but a see-through roof...

... to make it less like the cabin of a conventional jet and more like something from a futuristic alternative-reality Zeppelin

Photo gallery: Inside the amazing Airbus 2050 Concept Plane

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Is this another April Fools thing? There was one last year of a see-through fuselage...

05 Jul 2013

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Great - until the flight attendant demands that you to pull down the window shade.


16 Nov 2011

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What like on a 787?

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