Airbus unveils A320neo 'Melody' private jet concept

By David Flynn, December 15 2016
Airbus unveils A320neo 'Melody' private jet concept

Take the very latest Airbus single-aisle jet, the A320neo – add many, many millions of dollars and a dollops of designer vision – and you’ll be the coolest mogul at the private jet parking lot.

Meet Melody, a cabin concept for what’s officially badged as the ACJ320neo. The ‘CJ’ stands for corporate jet, although the bizliner is as much for play as work… maybe even more so.

Decked out in white, light and green tones (albeit a little too much so for our taste), the Melody interior features flowing lines “inspired by hilly horizons, rolling rivers and other curves of nature” – and devoid of sharp edges.

The centrally-located lounge boasts a larger footprint than previous models, with extra-wide openings which contribute to a flowing sense of space – although they can of course be closed for privacy.

There’s also a proper chef-designed kitchen rather than a reheat-and-eat galley, while the bathroom’s ‘magic glass’ mirrors go from opaque to translucent at the push of a button.

A conference and dining area comfortably seats up to six passengers.

The home cinema nook includes a curved retractable 65 inch screen, while the entire cabin has been fitted out with crisp ceiling-mounted speakers and ‘acoustically tuned’ for optimum sound from tip (the crew area) to tail (the master bedroom).

The cabin walls are dotted with a honeycomb pattern which echoes the carbon fibre materials used in the A320neo’s construction and windows that can be lightened or darkened via fingertip control.

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Bedroom at rear, behind the engines... I'd rather crawl to my destination than suffer that terminal design flaw.

12 Feb 2015

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ausJCP I guess you can ask for the bedroom to be placed somewhere else on your ACJ320neo! Of course, you may have a choice between a narrower bedroom or putting up with crew walking through it.

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