Amazon releases Kindle Touch for Australia

By David Flynn, February 6 2012
Amazon releases Kindle Touch for Australia

IN BRIEF | Amazon is now shipping the Kindle Touch to Australia, giving travellers another choice in the ebook stakes.

The US$139 Kindle Touch is a touch-screen version of the keyboard-less Kindle Wi-Fi sold by Dick Smith Electronics for A$139, although of course you have to factor in delivery charges from the US.

Online seller is also selling the Kindle Touch for $229, although it also stocks the 3G version at $279 (and includes an AC adaptor, spare USB charge cable and 12VDC car charger).

Amazon's Android-powered Kindle Fire tablet is still restricted to US-only shipping if you order from Amazon, although also lists this for $359. However, you won't have full access to movies and TV shows available for download through

Our take? As nifty as the Kindle Touch is, if you're looking for the best value Kindle we suggest DSE's $99 refurbished Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi. It's covered by the same one-year warranty as a new Kindle so there's zilch risk factor.


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Readershop only provides a 90 day warranty. Rip off! The Kindle Touch, 3G and Fire can be bought for a lot cheaper from local sellers on eBay or at Most sellers provide a 1 year Australian warranty.

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Hi Peter: just an update, ReaderShop now offers a one-year warranty.

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