Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite now on sale in Australia

By David Flynn, October 12 2012
Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite now on sale in Australia

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite ereader has reached Australian shores, going on sale from today from Independent online retailer and Kindle specialist

The Paperwhite retains the travel-friendly 6 inch screen size, slim profile and light weight of the Kindle family, but boasts a new 'Paperwhite' display technology for greater readability, especially in low light conditions.

The display packs a combination of 62% more pixels per inch, for higher resolution and crisper text; 25% better contrast, for sharper darker text to make reading even easier on the eyes; and a front-lit rather than side- or back-lit screen to ensure the light is spread evenly across the virtual page.

For those with a technical bent, Amazon says the Paperwhite uses what's essentially an optical fibre that's been flattened out into a sheet or mesh, to evenly distribute light across the entire viewing area: it's detailed in this video, starting around the 1.00 mark.

Readershop is carrying both the WiFi and 3G versions of the Paperwhite, priced at $239 for the WiFi model and $299 for the 3G version (which lets you browse, buy and download ebooks from pretty much anywhere rather than relying on having access ot a wireless network).

Watch for a review of the Kindle Paperwhite on Australian Business Traveller next week.

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01 Feb 2012

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May have been worth noting that in the US Amazon store it is selling for $119 and $179. Add $20 for the no ads version, though by most accounts the ads are not intrusive. Basically the cheapest model is half the price in the US.

24 Oct 2012

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Why do we pay through the nose for everything in AU? Don't blame the US-AUD dollar either - that used to be the old excuse given to us by retailers. These things are a great deal less overseas. We are being ripped off plai and simple.

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20 Nov 2012

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Been using Paperwhite since Mid Oct (using freight forwarder to get it into AU) and loving it!  My previous Kindle was Kindle 2, which was really old.  Originally I bought the one with ads, but after a couple of days I paid to get it removed so I can see Kindle's wallpaper instead.

22 Dec 2012

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I was very lucky to buy it when it was released in Oct from Overall, I really love the device. I don't think I've been "duped" or misled by Amazon, as some reviewers seem to think. I did a lot of research (including watching tech videos) prior to purchasing the device so knew the lights were slightly visible, and knew there was no TTS. I got what I expected and am very happy with the device.

01 Feb 2013

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Great review on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. However, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is now available for shipment directly from Amazon to Australia at great prices, as is exlpained here

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