Australian Business Traveller Awards 2011

By David Flynn, December 20 2011
Australian Business Traveller Awards 2011

With 2011 drawing to a close, throughout today we'll announce the winners of the first annual Australian Business Traveller Awards.

In keeping with our uniquely Australian perspective, the primary focus of the Australian Business Traveller Awards is on airlines which operate in Australia.

These independent awards have been judged by an independent panel of 12 business travellers and frequent flyers who agreed to contribute in anonymity, plus the AusBT editorial team.

Click here to see all winners in the Australian Business Traveller Awards 2011.

10 Mar 2011

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This was a great idea and the results were interesting.. It would be good to understand how the decisions were made on each category though and what was taken into account.

However, why not involve all your "members" in the voting rather than a select few. You can invite the "members" of this site to vote on the various categories via a survey (a la Skytrax awards) so that we can then give our input and the decision is based on a set critiria.... 

Just a thought....

24 Oct 2010

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Hey AusFlyer, thanks for the feedback - these were our first awards and we're definitely looking at what we'll do differently for 2012!

We looked at the whole process of detailing the shortlist and then "why we chose X over Y, where Z wasn't quite up to it" process but honestly, my feeling was that it would have become a pretty long read and that we were better off mainly detailing why the winner won.

I'd like to entertain some form of open poll-style survey next year, for sure, as long as we can find a way to weed out vote-stacking by airlines etc.

03 Jan 2011

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It's a good idea, and one that I tried to figure out how to make work this year to give us meaningful results.

But the added statistical problem that I see with, say, Skytrax's voting, is that it naturally skews towards (a) larger airlines and (b) economy class, since more people fly economy and more people fly on larger airlines.

I'm all ears (seriously, genuinely interested rather than rhetorically skeptical!) if you have ideas for how to adjust the stats for that.

(Also for the emotional connections that many flyers have to "their" airlines. I'm keen that this is not a popularity-fest...)

10 Mar 2011

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I can understand what you mean by it being skewed towards the larger airlines (although who could have foreseen Oman Air winning the best Business Class category....!).

I'm not sure if it is possible, but one thought on the stats is to flat line the numbers to have a common base - perhaps by balancing the number of votes by the size of the airline (destinations served perhaps or number of flights per day?). Not sure exactly how this would work... but I will give it some more thought!

I guess the only way to separate out the economy class bit is to have surveys for each class of travel. All the various surveys results can then feed into which airline wins the overall best airline award (rather than having a specific survey for best airline). 

Anyway... I will see if I come up with any brilliant suggestions for you and let you know!

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