BlackBerry app of the week: Evernote

By David Flynn, February 2 2010
BlackBerry app of the week: Evernote

Many Windows and Mac users have already discovered Evernote. It's an organiser where you can store all the snippets of information everyone has to keep track of but which don't fit into a calendar or address book.

You can add notes to Evernote by typing them in, scanning a document, or snapping a picture of something with your laptop's webcam.

But the BlackBerry version of Evernote makes this program even more useful. It stays in sync with your desktop or laptop version of Evernote so you always have access to the same notes on the go.

You can also add new notes from your BlackBerry, and not just text: snap a picture with the BlackBerry's camera and Evernote's servers will process the picture and recognise any text in it, so you can search for it later.

Evernote is free and available from BlackBerry AppWorld.

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