Boeing rules out reviving the 767 jet

By Reuters, March 6 2018
Boeing rules out reviving the 767 jet

Boeing on Monday ruled out reviving its dormant 767 passenger plane as it continues to ponder options for a potential new niche in the middle of the aircraft market.

"Bringing back the 767 (passenger version) - I just don't see it," Randy Tinseth, vice-president of commercial marketing, told reporters on a conference call.

There has been some speculation Boeing would revive the 767 wide-body passenger line – which Qantas last flew in December 2014 – to offer airlines a low-price backstop in case a proposed brand-new mid-market plane suffered delays, or in case Boeing decided not to go ahead with that project.

Don't think 767, think 797

Boeing continues to target 2024-25 for entry into service of a possible family of jets with 220-270 seats, designed partly to replace single-aisle 757 and some wide-body 767 models.

"If it goes beyond that (date), that would be a challenge as (airlines) do have to replace those '57s and '67s," Tinseth said.

Boeing says it is examining the business case for such a jet. Tinseth declined to say when it might make a decision, but industry sources say it could start offering the jet this year.

"We continue to make progress on the programme. Things around configuration are coming together," Tinseth said, adding Boeing had not decided whether to offer two engine choices or stick with a single engine maker, as on its 737 and 777.

The mid-market plane would offer 40 percent lower costs per trip than some wide-bodies – although with shorter range – and it would offer airlines 30-40 percent more revenue than a single-aisle jet "with little or no additional cost".

Airbus says its largest single-aisle, the A321neo, has already scooped up demand in the market above 200 seats.

Tinseth said Boeing was meanwhile making progress in filling a production gap between the current 777 large wide-body model and its proposed 777X replacement, due to enter service in 2020. A contributing factor is a recent surge in cargo demand.

"There are a lot of aircraft in the pipeline right now," he said, adding the wider aircraft market is "very strong".

MarkJohnSon Banned
MarkJohnSon Banned

19 Jan 2018

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I’m sure whatever they call it, it will lean

heavily on the design and concept of the 767.


16 Nov 2011

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That's essentially the 787! A modern 767, with more range and a bit wider.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

30 May 2013

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I loved the 767. Having a 2x3x2 seating configuration in economy meant that no-one was more than 1 seat away from the isle.

06 Mar 2018

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A 2x4x2 configuration like the venerable 330 family is also never more than 1 seat from aisle. Much preferred over 3x3x3.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Jan 2014

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I miss the 767, was very sad when they dropped the BNE-DRW service to a 737, must be some way they can make a 2-3-2 configuration work on the newer models they are working on for medium routes instead of making single aisle longer and longer.

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