Lufthansa Boeing 777X takes flight

Boeing's much-delayed 777X is now aiming for a late 2023 launch.

Emirates doesn't expect first Boeing 777X until Q1 2024

Another delay for Boeing's next-generation 777 jetliner...

Delays for new Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines business class

Ongoing delays to the Boeing 777-9 are forcing some airlines to push back the debut of their new ...

Boeing to pay $3.2 billion on 737 MAX fraud charges

The settlement with the US Justice Department follows a two-year probe.

Boeing CEO says he won't rebrand the 737 MAX

There are no plans to drop the 'MAX' brand once the troubled Boeing jet resumes flying.

The Boeing 737 Max is ready to return, but are passengers?

The ultimate test for the troubled Boeing 737 Max may be cautious travellers.

Boeing eyes new jet to take on the Airbus A321neo

Boeing takes tentative steps in early-stage talks with airlines, Rolls-Royce about a new medium r...

Boeing 787 production moves from Seattle to South Carolina

By the middle of 2021, all Boeing 787s will be made only at the company's North Charleston facility.

Boeing pulls the plug on the 747 jumbo jet

The stretched 747-8 Intercontinental jumbo, never a hit with airlines, marks the end of the line ...

Boeing to restart 737 MAX test flights this week

20 months after the first fatal crash and 15 months since the jet was grounded, the Boeing 737 ta...

Qatar Airways: no new Airbus, Boeing deliveries until 2022

The Gulf carrier puts the brakes on orders for a raft of new jets including the Boeing 777X.

The new wave of Boeing 777X business class

The Boeing 777X will deliver a new wave of business class seats, and some new first class suites ...

Boeing reveals new flat-bed business class seat design

Boeing's all-new Aspect business class seat goes flat-out for passengers at the pointy end.

Qatar to delay delivery of new Airbus, Boeing jets

Right-sizing Qatar's fleet will also mean curtailing the arrival of new aircraft, among them Boei...

Lufthansa looks to push back new Airbus, Boeing jets

The German-based airline colossus is in "intense" talks with Airbus and Boeing about postponing d...

Boeing's 797 reboot could target the Airbus A321XLR

Boeing is going back to the drawing board with its mid-sized jet concept.

Boeing 777X goes big on overhead bins, bespoke design

With the 777X, Boeing wants to refine and reshape the passenger experience.

Porsche, Boeing team up for the 'urban mobility' race

The new frontier of flying cars continues to soar from the realm of Jetsons cartoons and move clo...