Did Qantas change priority boarding back to the old way?

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Recently had international and domestic flights with Qantas. They seem to start the premium boarding and general boarding at the same time again? I remember there was a time they made it right by letting the premiu boarding to finish first before the general boarding start? Did anyone notice?


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Qantas has never understood (and sadly never will) what the premium boarding concept is all about. If you want premium boarding fly JAL or SQ.


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They did premium boarding before general board on a BNE-SYD flight. But even in the old days it is not uncommon for general boarding to start before premium boarding ends. For some reasons on some flights those in premium boarding queues can be slow even though you would expect them to be seasoned travelers (and There are no children/those needing assistance in the queue).



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Even Virgin Australia does priority boarding miles better than Qantas. And Qantas is subjectivity supposed to be the more premium airline...


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Thanks everyone. From my memory, pre-pandemic, back in Nov 2019, Qantas has started to rejig its premium boarding. I had few flights just after that, they did let the premium boarding finish before starting the general boarding. And that is excellent.

Post-pandemic, early 2021, due to low number of passengers, premium boarding did not exist, which is understandable.

Late 2021, they started to call the premium boarding before general boarding, which is good cos it is so close to the Nov 2019 method.

Now in 2022, they seem to re-start to use the queue barrier and banner again. But the timing are very different across all terminals. Brisbane domestic seem to follow the same protocol as per pre-pandemic. However, it has not been followed at the international terminal Melbourne or domestic terminal at Darwin. It is not a huge difference cos we were in Business class. But I can imagine it can make a difference if we were in Economy.

Hopefully one day they can revert it back to the correct way back in November 2019.

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