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I am flying from Helsinki to Brisbane in Aug. Booked on two separate classic rewards tickets. The Finnair flight from Helsinki has now been moved to land at Changi at 6:20pm, and the Qantas flight to Brisbane departs there at 8:30pm. Anyone have experience of getting Finnair to check through luggage to final destination, even with separate OW bookings? Are my chances of this any good or will I have to go landside and risk likely missing the 2nd flight? Thanks



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They should be able to do it if you ask nicely and point to a tight connection, but two hours should be enough time,. They may have liability issues. Worth giving them a call and explaining the situation.


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I think you should be fine. They should be able to check through the luggage especially as they're both OneWorld, shouldn't be a problem. BTW I love Finnair, my favourite way to Europe (also from Brisbane). Best business class value.

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