QF points gouging?

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What follows seems an innovative new way for QF to burn through the points balances of its FFs...

Since late April I've been trying to make an online date change to a domestic J flight. It should be simple, right? But the online system constantly said: 'technical difficulties, please try again later'.

Day after day, same problem. So finally I rang the call centre (something I'd been trying to avoid). I was told the change could be made, but for a 5k point fee pp.

"Why the fee? I thought my booking was covered by fee-free changes", I asked. 'Oh, that was only up until 1 May 2022'.

Is it too conspiratorial to suggest QF might have actively tried to delay people making changes online before the 1 May deadline? Or was it simply good old QF technical incompetence that engineered the unhappy coincidence?

Be interested to hear if other members have experienced anything similar.


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You should be able to get them to waive the fee since you can't make the changes online.

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