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Just started doing the East West journeys again after the disruption. Done 6 flights to Syd and Melb from Perth. On each occasion the wifi has been abysmal. Dropping in and out and lengthy periods where not available. My memory isnt always the best but I seemed to recall it being much better for streaming pre covid than it is now. Has anyone else had this feeling?

As much as I detest conspiricy theories - If it has been downgraded I am wondering if there are commercial interests at play? With fast reliable wifi I can stream my own kayo/netflix etc. When its unreliable then I am forced to use the Qantas entertainment app with advertisments from sponsors to watch anything.

Rather this didn't turn into a pro/con Qantas thing - Im just interested if there has been a change in other people's experience.


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It has always been a bit patchy south of the bight. The service is delivered from NBN Skymuster satellites and don't have a requirement to have coverage in the ocean. Winds may have flights going further south than your previous flights maybe.

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