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Wondering how many seats do QF release as business classic reward redemptions on say BNE-LAX route per aircraft, when they open it close to a year in advance. I'm looking for 4 seats and not sure if i will get lucky or if there was a way to get QF to release more seats if i'm not successful.


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Well.... How many they initially make available? No idea. However, getting seats depends on when you're travelling and your flexibility. If there are reward seats in the inventory already i.e. (1/2U) then you might be in a flighting chance for 4. However, if you're trying to have them released when there is none in the inventory i.e. (0U) then you're going to be pushing it to get one, let alone two. Just remember for them to release seats there needs to be I class fares internationally and D class domestically (According to the Hobart gem I spoke to) and that's for Platinum. Might be different for P1. Provided you're a Platinum frequent flyer you can specifically ask for them to release seats. Make sure you speak to Hobart, if you don't get them HUCA. Hope this helps.


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The most I ever got booking 355 days out were 3 seats. I’ve always had to purchase one ticket. That was in the days of 747s too.

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