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Used to be Velocity Plat, slipped to Gold and unlikely to maintain post-pandemic. Thinking of switching to Qantas.

I, like many here I’m sure, had a heap of Qantas points I haven’t used over the past 2 years so booked reward flights for 4 (wife and 2 kids under 8 + me) to Bali direct w/Jetstar. If I buy Qantas Club membership can we all get in? In both Adelaide and Denpasar? Knowing the lounge in Denpasar is pretttty average anyway…


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In Adelaide, yes. In Denpasar, maybe not. The website does not make it clear if Qantas Club membership provides access to the Denpasar partner lounge if flying on a JQ flight number, let alone if that lounge lets in kids for free.

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