Sydney to Toronto - Vancouver, LAX or Dallas

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Hi all,

We are travelling to Toronto in December on QF and, based on experience, wanted to know the best transit point. If we fly through LAX or Dallas, do we need to clear US immigration and customs before transferring to AA for the Toronto flight and does that mean that we need a US visa for entry?

Any advice/guidance will be much appreciated


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Very simple - Dallas, yes and yes (or ESTA visa waiver).


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Dallas or Vancouver.



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Vancouver is the easiest but Dallas is second. As they don’t have separate international terminals you will have to enter the US and then go to the gate. This means ESTA or a visa. If you can’t go via Vancouver then a ESTA or visa is needed. ESTA if you’re eligible is quick. Online and approved almost instantly.


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Only problem via YVR is Westjet rubbish who are prob your only option from there to YYZ if you're on a QF ticket all the way through; think Jetstar service. Otherwise AC are fine, think Qantas service.

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