Anyone ever used guys like Alpha Flight Guru or Fly Luxury For Less?

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I tried to book with AlphaFlight Guru but found the agent to be so aggressive that he actually scared me off. He phoned incessantly, even though I asked him to email. Once I told hime that I did not want to use his services he bagged all other similar services implying that they were shysters (he seemed like one himself) and then even gave me a serve for even considering any other site. I will never approach them again - and according to him I have been balcklisted for having the temerity to seek a better deal elsewhere. By the looks of many of these posts many of my frears about this group are founded. This does not mean to say that other sites are equally as shonky - indeed I have used others several times and had no issues.


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I'm considering a business class return fair to Paris with my wife in May 2015 (forward planning)

I came across this site after a google search for AFG reviews/comments, I've read ALL the discussions on this topic now my really confused. 

Are the good reviews rubbish?

Are the people who have had no trouble just lucky?

i can't believe the number of tickets cancelled and the pore recourse. Seems that getting a refund is near on impossible. I'm not keen on taking the risk of turning up to an airport  and being told you have no ticket. Please buy one!!!!!!

Buying a business class ticket using someone else's points looks very risky. 




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Most of the positive comments on this thread are blatantly biased posts sponsored by AFG themselves. So take all posts on AFG with a bag (not a grain) of salt.


Honestly, with the current promo rates on purchasing your own miles with United, AA, US and Alaskan it would be cheaper to book it all yourself.

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I shall give a fair comments about those looking for this travel agent.

i just flew with sing business class via this agent to Seoul from melb.

positive points

1. Cheap

2. Good customer services

3. All went well with exceptional value for sing airlines

negative points

1. You got to check yourself to make sure the airline really have your tickets confirmed as we have to change ours last minutes despite been told it has been confirmed by another airline.

2. They used delta airline frequent flyers points to purchase your tickets.


in sum, will I fly with them again....

hmm... I don't think I will risk it if I can't be flexible with dates eg conference and works. For holiday and if price is really good then I might consider the hassle of ringing around etc etc..


you get what you paid after all...


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Right... Because Delta Skymiles allow you to book award travel on Singapore Airlines. Oh wait... no they don't.


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Mel - Do not fly with them, I am still so furious about what happened with my plane ticket. Send me your email address on [email protected] and I will forward you all the email exchanges I had with these clowns and how we were rorted thousands of euros.


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I flew them last for RTW - Melbourne-Singapore-HK-Shanghai-Seoul-Tokyo-SF-LA-NYC-London-Paris-Istanbul-Johannesburg-CPT-Dubai-Mumbai-Delhi-Bangkok-Auckland-Santiago-GIG-GRU-EZE-Sydney ALL FOR $1 - YES! We booked Economy but they put us in First Class. It was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone!

And then I woke up...


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I agree with Adele, who commented that if it was a scam these guys would have gone out of business long ago. My two trips with AFG went off without a hitch and I was accused of being from that company, which I am not. Retired twelve years ago and in my elderly years, just prefer comfort for that long trip from Australia to the UK. Lots of money saved on the fares, and the agents were very helpful; I had no complaints at all. Am glad to read that I can also have confidence in Fly business for Less, as I may use that company next time, to compare with AFG.


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Try Fly Infinite as well. They are very helpful. Ask for David. 


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I was ripped off by Low Business Fares

Left me standing at the gate in San Fransisco.  Sounds like the same scam as Alpha Guru.

Avoid these companies like the plague.  In short:

-spent $3,000 on one way travel from San Fran - Sydney

-When I arrived at the check in counter (American Airlines) they told me my ticket was cancelled without any explaination 

-Low Business Fares will not return my emails or phone calls or refund my money.

-I am instigating legal proceedings against them.

-Anyone else dealt with these clowns??



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Hi Serg.

I came across this thread about a month ago, after my wife & I got a great cross USA deal using our Qantas points on an AA flight. I had often wondered as yourself, how does it work having often seen AFG advertised in local airline inflight magazines...

My wife highlighted to me today flybusinessforless & I directed her to this thread. In my searches for other evidence  I found a series of trip advisor posts/reviews praising both companies, all the positive reviews were provided in poorly written & grammatically incorrect English from people supposibly in New York. As with your thread ALL the posters were brand new on the day of posting, (much like myself...). Upon reading Adeles most recent post I'm even more skeptical having worked closely with Singapore Airlines at Brisbane airport for the last 4 years, I've never seen it go down that way with a child, when a full business class seat could still/be sold. 

Which brings me to my question after nearly 2 & a half years, what's your conclusion? 





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I recently bought tickets from fly business for less Melbourne to Europe. I paid and then flights were cancelled . Took them a month to come up with alternative flights that were totally unacceptable, they then refused refund.This caused me to do more research into why my tickets were cancelled. I visited eitihad and they told me the tickets were booked using American Airline points and the tickets were cancelled by American Airlines. I contacted American Airlines who directed me to their frequent fly points terms of use. They quite clearly states that tickets acquired on points cannot be bought or sold for cash. If this happens they will cancel tickets and both seller and purchaser could be liable for full cost of ticket and any legal fees of American Airlines if tickets are used. So it would appear to me somehow these tickets are being issued in a fraudulent manner and it seems a bit hit and miss if your tickets get cancelled. At the moment I am out $15,000 and hoping as it seems to be a case of fraud I get money back from my credit card company. My advice avoid like the plague.


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Hi Ivan. That is exactly the same as what happened to us, except it was Thai airways that told me American Airlines had cancelled our tickets.  Over $9,000 worth for return flights from Brisbane to Europe.  We booked through a company called Premier Sky Travel. We did heaps of research first, but still got scammed.

It took many months and lots of threats which got us nowhere. In the end our Master Card refunded us because it was classed as fraud. Thankyou Master Card.

And our advice is the same - AVOID!!!!!


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Yes my understanding it is fraud under the terms and conditions of American Airlines who most of these tickets seem to be issued through so hopefully i will get my $15,000 back. Thanks for your info


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I used them last month and never again.


First despite being told clearly and concisely that there were certain airlines I would not consider flying they repeatedly tried to get me onto them.

Second they booked very tight changes. 

One in particular meant I had to run from CDG Terminal to the shuttle train. Take the train to the main terminal then run to the shuttle bus.

After all this running I made it with 2 minutes to spare for check in to find that my ticket had been cancelled.

Called and they got me onto another flight but now I have received my credit card statement and found that I have been charged on my credit card. There was no talk of an extra charge, I had paid for the flight before, and there was certainly no authorisation for them to use my credit card again.

I have emailed buy am yet to hear back on a refund.

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