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Hi All,

Used AA points for QF ADL-SYD-ICN 10th December - 4 pax in Business (Points plane thankyou!). Connection in Sydney is only 70 minutes. I received an auto generated email from AA last week about a change in our schedule, and to call their contact centre, so armed with the knowledge on the new 90 minute rule, and I basically explained why I probably got the email - and that these flights are going to need to change. They said no no no thats not an issue, 70 minutes is fine, they have no reason to change our flights, the only reason they emailed me is because the Qantas Adl-Syd changed from 0605 to 0600.

So I am sure this will get interesting over the coming weeks - do I expect Qantas to call me directly, or wait for AA, or do nothing (and potentially get denied boarding).

We're on the first ever SYD-ICN and we dont want to miss it.


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I would call QF to be safe, and if they know you have contacted AA, and they could advise if they can help you internally by moving you onto an earlier flight from ADL.

The other thing to know, if QF kept you on the ADL-SYD leg as is, regardless of how the ticket was issued, they would have to arrange for you to get to ICN on business if you miss that flight.

Plus, the 90min transit needs to work on majority of their flights well, and as a good side effect, someone like yours would be fine at 70mins.


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Update- I called Qantas and explained the situation and the agent (who seemed reasonably competent) said that as its an existing booking it will stand - I made it clear it goes against the release that stated existing bookings will be re-booked (and put into hotels) - but she was adamant there was nothing to see or do.

Lets see...

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