SYD-SFO seemingly cancelled until Feb 2023

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According to, QF is now not operating SYD-SFO until Feb 2023.

I am ticketed for SYD-SFO in Dec 2022 and haven't yet received an email advising of other option(s) and the booking is still showing as confirmed, although the flight is no longer bookable on websites,

Presumably they will try and re-book most people on the sole daily A380 SYD-LAX fight and then AA Eagle to SFO.

But what happens if there isn't actually enough space available on that one daily A380 service ?

Perhaps some will go on the AA 77W.

Some people presumably won't want an AM departure rather than a night departure from SYD.

Is it likely in such a case that QF could rebook some passengers on United or Delta ?

If a customer did not like the alternative flight offered, would the call centre staff actually have the necessary delegation to offer anything else other than to cancel the booking and refund ?

If I ask for a refund, the prices of rebooking a new ticket on another carrier would have presumably gone up since buying the original ticket, due to proximity to the departure date or inflation or lack of inventory or whatever.

Presumably this will also means getting an upgrade on QF SYD-LAX would be more difficult during that tine period due to increased demand of carrying SFO booked passengers.

A difficult situation...



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They may have just got news of their three 787s that they have been waiting for. They’ve just announced a new Sydney-Auckland-New York flight from mid next year. So the long awaited 787s may be being delivered from January.

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