Jetstar cancellation of flights to Japan questions Jetstar integrity

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We have just had several longstanding Jetstar direct flights leaving just after Xmas and returning mid Jan from Gold Coast to Narita return cancelled and very unfavourable alternative options put forward. One group have had flights out cancelled and tickets reallocatted to the day before. Namely Xmas day. Flight now has 2 stop overs and is now 20 hours compared to original 9 hours. Our direct flight back has been cancelled and now has a 6 hour stop over in Cairns. Have been advised cancelled flights will probably be rescheduled but no certainity. Seems they will reschedule and fill the plane with tickets at a much higher value. As it is only a possibility original flights will be rescheduled we cannot reserve seats on them. Effectively forced to commit to the alternatives offered clearing the way for new tickets to be sold at much higher prices. Very poor form.


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This is very poor form. I think they may be a 787 short but Christmas is a long way away. I've already learnt my Jetstar International lesson years ago. I'd rather pay more and fly a more reliable airline.


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At least you were offered alternatives. My Japan Airlines flight for the same time period was cancelled with no altetnatives offered.

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