Best pre-paid USA travel sims

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Our whole family is going to the US for a month in December. While I can use Vodafone $5 roaming, my kids are on budget plans that don't roam at all. I was thinking of getting them some pre-paid sim cards when we get there. The first hotel we are staying in is near a Target, and looking at their website they have lots of choices. Boost Mobile has a 15gb/1 month deal for $29 which seems pretty good, but I have no idea of their coverage or quality.

Around that price range ($30 USD) what would people recommend? Looks like buying before I go limits options to the big carriers and adds a $20 premium to the cost.



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What you want is a T-Mobile Essentials plan (don't worry, they're prepaid). $60 USD for one, but if you get a few it becomes way cheaper. 3 plans are only $90 total, 4 are $105, and 5 are $120. Unlimited data 5G, great coverage.

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