Qantas Baggage handlers - shocking video

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Surprised nobody has posted about this video:

This is shocking behaviour and seems like a result of the outsourcing of key operations.

People's luggage should have rights and it's disappointing how airlines treat them as throwaway items.


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My take: agree, airlines need to treat our luggage more carefully and penalties should be imposed for damaged or lost luggage.


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Hi @AsiaBizTraveller,

It looks like to me that idiots are just being idiot. It just so happens that they work are doing work for Qantas and everyone enjoys kicking people (or companies) when they are down. This has nothing to do with the outsourcing, its just idiotic behaviour. I do agree however that peoples’ luggage should have rights and be treated with care.





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It’s been going on for decades. Last week i saw a worker throwing boxs from the base of the aircraft onto a cart, in clear view of all the passages looking out onto the ramp. It’s so normalised without consequences.


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I have always assumed that baggage handlers will throw luggage most of the time without much care given. Another reason I do carry-on only, if possible, or if not possible, will pack fragile items very very carefully. And use hard case luggage.

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