Virgin Double Status Credits - 2023 ???

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Without becoming a cause for unfounded rumors, does anyone have a view on when (if at all) Virgin Australia is likely to next run a Double Status Credits promotion like they've done in previous years? My gut tells me they must be close, but would welcome thoughts from other readers (please add reasons supporting your view/hunch).

And . . . . let me quickly wish a Happy New Year to you all !!!


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I have a hunch it will be the day after I buy tickets


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Probably most likely not till at least February when most should be back home from their summer holiday and the kids back at school.


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I hope they have one early for people who buy in March for flights in December 2023 and January of next year.


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Many of the previous ones been either in February or March, when sales start to taper off.

Of course it's impossible to know for sure, but around March is my hunch.

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