Upgrades at Airport for QF1 and QF2

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I'm flying SYD-LHR return on QF1/QF2 and have put in a request for Classic Rewards upgrades (Econ-Biz) both ways and checked the box that says "opt-in for upgrades up to the gate".

Reading the Qantas terms I'm now confused that if I get an upgrade at the airport whether it will be for the whole trip or just the last leg from Singapore? Based on the Qantas text below, it implies if I get an on-departure upgrade for SYD-LHR on QF1, only the second leg from SIN-LHR would be upgraded.

Does anyone have another view on this or can confirm their experience of airport upgrades on QF1 and QF2?

  • For upgrades at the airport, if you're travelling continuously on a flight that stops in one or more ports (with the same flight number), you'll only be eligible for an upgrade on the last leg and only if that last leg has a flying time longer than three hours. Points will only be deducted for the portion of your flight that was upgraded.


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I've had success several times with upgrades at the airport, though more often with Emirates than Qantas on Aus-UK routes.

Had never read the small print and can't be 100% sure, but thinking back I can only remember second leg upgrades, so you might be correct. It may be based on no shows or late cancellations on the first leg meaning a seat is free on the second, not sure.

Also just a note that I've only ever been successful in single cabin upgrades at the gate, i.e. economy to prem economy or prem economy to business, so you may want to tick the box to accept a prem economy upgrade if business is unavailable. Only risk there is that you may get a middle seat - never happened to me but it is certainly a risk. With an upgrade at the gate there is no option to change your seat or reject the upgrade as it is already processed.

Look out for the magic “beep beep beep” at the gate whereupon you're handed a shiny new boarding pass, and good luck!

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