Virgin Australia WiFi relaunch

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Has anyone experienced the relaunched WiFi yet?

I have another MEL to PER flight coming up and hoping they have atleast east west up and running.


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I have experienced it on a SYD-MEL flight. It was OK without being brilliant. I had free access as a Platinum, and tried to stream a TV show using Foxtel Go. It had to stop and buffer for a few seconds, several times throughout the flight, but certainly for tasks that are less data-intensive than video streaming it was absolutely fine.


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I think it's now working on quite a few aircraft. My last 3 flights with VA all had working wifi (including to/from PER which was a bonus), which was great as a Platinum to get for free. I didn't try streaming video, but found it worked fine for general browsing, email etc.


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Sounds good to me. Not really in need to stream video, just basic wifi for whatsapp, news and share trading. Hopefully they update the website to include flights that have wifi.

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