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My wife has an amount of Avios through Qatar Airways. She is wanting to transfer them to may account so that combined we have a better discount on a flight booking. When going through the online process, it requires credit card details and says thatthe transfer cost is $792 AUD. I thought that may be the value of the points - it seems that there is a fee to transfer them. Is that correct? Or am I missing something?


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There is a fee to transfer QR Avios to other QR Avios accounts. The workaround is to set up BA Avios accounts for both you and your wife, join them into a BA Household Account and then move the Avios in each of your QR Avios accounts (for free) at 1:1 into the respective BA accounts. When you redeem through BA, BA will pull the Avios from the combined Household Account “pool”.

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Hi Yarki, if I set up family pooling with my wife with Qatar, can we transfer her BA Avios points to her QR Avios account and then would it automatically appear in my QR Avios account as the main family member?


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Do not set up a QR Family Programme. The balances of participating accounts are not pooled the way a BA Household Account is. If you want to pool balances set up a BA Household Account and run your Avios (including transferring from QR to BA for each member as required).

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