Tokyo JAL inter-airport transit

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I am transiting internationally through Tokyo on Japan airlines, into Haneda and out of Narita (with five-hours transit time). I assume I can check my luggage all the way through to Vancouver (final destination), but do I have to collect it in Haneda and recheck-in at Narita? The other question, do JAL provide complimentary transfer or do I have to arrange myself, taxi, bus or train.


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Did exactly this transfer in March. JAL out of Seoul to Haneda then JAL out of Narita to Melbourne. Had to clear customs and pick up luggage in Haneda and take with me to Narita and check in again. I had just over 4 hours and no problem with time for the transit. Took the Airport Limousine Bus direct, very easy and about an hour and fifteen minutes. Ticket counters inside the terminal, they will direct you to the appropriate bus stand.

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