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On the Qantas Status Calculator it indicates that you will earn 30SC for a TSV-SYD Flexible Economy flight (Starter Max Bundle) on JQ and 15SC for Economy (Starter Plus Bundle).

If you select TSV-SYD return the calculator displays 30SC for the economy fare but...45SC for the Flexible Economy fare return.. ( I would assume you would earn 60SC for a return Flexible Economy JQ fare)

Has anyone had experience with booking a return JQ flight with a max bundle and receiving lower SC than if you had booked the flights on seperate bookings?


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I wouldn't always trust the calculator. Whilst it can be a useful tool there are quite a few gaps on routes and I'm not sure you'd get any extra SC's out of Qantas based on it's output. Looks like the flight distance is approx 910nm between SYD and TSV. So you will fall into the Domestic Australia Medium Flight Band (751 - 1,00 miles) so you'd be due the 30scs or the 15scs. It looks like they have fixed this error and it is showing the same earn amount for either direction.

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