Flight Apps and tools - suggestions needed please

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I thought I should tap into the hive mind of ET to get recommendations regarding what apps are the best for checking (1) passenger loads on specific flights and (2) flight arrival/cancellation etc statistics.

I stumbled onto a site a few months ago that was very helpful, but do I remember its name? Of course not!

I noted someone referencing Flightradar24 in another post... and the silver subscription is very affordable, but is this a good/best option?

I will be needing to use the info both on my laptop and my iPhone.

Thanks in advance.


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1) A subscription to ExpertFlyer is the best option for checking flight loads (and indeed seat maps, reward seat availability, etc.) that I have found. Website works relatively smoothly on smartphones - there is no specific app (for Android at least).

2) FlightRadar24 is probably the best established of the websites/apps that provide historical and real-time flight/aircraft data - I haven't found any others to be better (admittedly I haven't looked very hard).


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Thanks DrSK.

I appreciate your replying, giving the thumbs up to FlightRadar24 and will check out ExpertFlyer. Cheers.


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Expert Flyer




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FlightAware is one of my favourites. Will often be able to tell you where your incoming aircraft is, and I've often had delays and cancelations come up on the app before the flight screens at the airport change. It just gives you the edge to get to the desk before the announcement is made!


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Expert Flyer for loads/seat availability & maps/setting alerts

FlightRadar24 for flight data


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Thanks to you all for responding.

I have been tapping into FlightAware and found it very helpful to track the daily (and historic) delays for QF11 flights between Sydney and LAX, and have hopefully built in enough of a buffer so as NOT to miss my ongoing Amtrak booking from Union Square LA! And, optimistically, I may be able to get on an earlier train if my late departure and crowded immigration/customs buffering is too much.

I will definitely sign up for the free trial of ExpertFlyer and see if I can get my head around it.

Flighty is new to me, so thanks for adding the suggestion.

All the suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.


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I agree expert flyer is tops for seating and load related questions.

I use Flighty, which is excellent. It gives you 60 day on-time performance stats for your selected route, and is normally presenting on-time data and flight changes ahead of time. It also shows you your flight plan once logged by the pilots which is a nice feature.

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