Air NZ: ongoing delays for 6 months

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Air NZ has announced ongoing delays over the next 6 months affecting approx 330,000 passengers. On Tasman routes that might mean a time change on the booked day, or it might mean having to travel the day before or the day after the booked day. Refunds will be offered in lieu. Two points remain unclear: how much notice will be given of the details, and will (free) adjustments be made to the return day on that type of booking to maintain number of days at destination. Four a320neo/a321neo, the workhorses of the Tasman and the only jet capable of servicing e.g. Queenstown, will be out of service undergoing mandatory inspection of the geared turbofan PW engines. I understand no replacement aircraft are to be leased. There are 17 of this type of aircraft in the fleet, it is unclear how far beyond 6 months the delays might continue but that would seem to be almost inevitable for the remainder of 2024.

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Unfortunately it means they are pausing their Auckland to Hobart service over this time. This is a real shame as they had only just increased this from two to three services per week due to demand. Could be a good opportunity for another carrier to fill the gap!

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