Does anyone know of any good status runs with Virgin?

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Does anyone know of any good status runs with DJ/VA my renew date isnt until October, but I am really enjoying the benefits and want to have a crack at Plat. Open to any suggestions, time not so much a problem but the cheaper the better.

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Since you're in Sydney, take a look at some of the deals from Newcastle, which often has good fares. NTL-MEL-OOL-MEL-NTL (booked separately, obviously) might give you some good status credits.


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The best dollar-for-status-credit route that I have found is probably MEL-OOL on a premium fare -- that'll get you 60SCs for less than a lot of routes that fetch 40SCs.  It's $385 each way up until the end of February.  As John said, Newcastle-Queensland is pretty cheap too, and you can use that to connect to the MEL-OOL fare.

Other tricks are to book long-haul premium-economy fares, trying to force as many domestic sectors on each end as possible -- VA-coded flights are charged per sector, unlike DJ-coded flights, so my recent trip from HBA-SFO: HBA-MEL-SYD-LAX-SFO was charged as 4 sectors == 30 + 30 + 120 + 30 SCs, and as long as you stay on the east coast of Australia and the West coast of the USA, the ticket prices do not change.  To get a routing like that you'll need to book over the phone (use a gift voucher as part of your payment to ensure that the agents honour the internet price).

Hope these help.


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How about Singapore?


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If you mean taking a Singapore Airlines flight to chalk up Velocity points and status credits, I'd question the cost-per-point ratio – SQ flights aren't known for being cheap (although they do some good specials from time to time) and especially at this time of the year you're in a peak season due to the holiday crowd.


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+1 on that -- Travelling to the US in Premium Economy on Air New Zealand looks like a good way to do it.

You can't book it online, but starting in Brisbane, through to San Francisco will get you approximately: 45+120+20 -- 185SC each way for ~$1700 (for the routing NTL-BNE-AKL-LAX-SFO -- you can book the same starting at BNE online).  The trick is to maximise your sectors, and the stopoff in New Zealand is a convenient way to break up that pacific hop into two SC-earning sectors.

Likewise, Brisbane-Hong Kong via Auckland in Premium is ~$1250 each way and will earn you 45+120 -- 165SC each way.

The trick, with long-haul travel at least, is to maximise the number of sectors you travel.

These flights are all scheduled some time in February, for what it's worth.

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