Does Qantas have a one-time lounge pass?

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Does Qantas have a one-time lounge pass?


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Alas, you can't buy a one-time pass into any Qantas lounges. You need to join the Qantas Club on an annual basis or have the appropriate level of frequent flyer status. 


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You get 2 free passes upon your first yearly Qantas spend using an American Express Qantas Premium card.


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First time silver frequent flyers get a one-time entry voucher that can be used at any QF Club or International J lounge (I'm pretty sure it's just first timers, but they might get them every time they requalify - can't remember). You sometimes see them floating around on eBay if you're lucky with your timing. 


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Yes, if you know the right people in Qantas you can get your hands on a complimentary one time entry pass.

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