Travelling to Singapore for a couple of days and want to take carry on.

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Travelling to Singapore for a couple of days and want to take carry on.does anyone know if I can take a razor and shaving cream through security.(both ends),as I don't really want to check my bag in.thanks in advance for your replies

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I think that a modern razor blade is acceptable in hand luggage, but shaving cream of any type would need to be less than 100 ml. and removed to show security.  If that's too difficult, then just buy some in Singapore.



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Modern multi-blade safety razors definitelly no worry and if you really need to take your cream, it has to be in container less then 100ml. I.e. half-empty 200ml is not good.


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I had the same problem a few years ago.

If you are travelling Business on Singapore Airlines, there are Razors and Cream in the Lavatories for you to use and other small toiletries (and in the amenity kit). I just used the ones on the plane and took them with me. And yes, i got them passed security in SIN and AKL.

I am not sure about economy, but i would say First/Suites will have them though.


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1. Ditto all the excellent comments above.

2. If you're flying Qantas and have access to the first lounge there are razors and shaving cream in the showers which you can grab for your trip - they used to have cans of shave cream in a travel-friendly size (I just checked one, it's 56gm/2oz) but last time I checked they seem to have moved to small sachets of shave cream which are good for one shave only.

3. If the above doesn't apply and you can't find a small can of shave cream, pick one up at Singapore - if I recall, the Watsons chemist shops (which are everywhere) have a good range of travel-sized items.

4. if all else fails, use the hotel's hair conditioner in a pinch (although I would suggest this is best with better brands which are more organic, eg Aveda). Slather it on and make sure to really work it into your budding beard.

5. Take your shave slow: few things are more prone to error than rushing a shave with an unfamiliar (disposable) razor and a make-do shave cream like the above. As a rule, when travelling and staying at a hotel I shave first thing in the morning, then go down to grab breakfast, then come back to the room, change into my 'business' clothes (until then it's casual wear) and get my stuff together to make ready for the day. The reason? If I nick myself there's around an hour for it to heal and not bleed all over my shirt collar!


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This is the ultimate travel shaving guide. David, you win the internet!


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That last part was brillant! 


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Bloody oath, Watson, you could be right – I might turn this into an article in its own right! :P


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When flying or traveling I always take a portable battery shaver with me,you can have a shave any where and any time .as a bathroom is not always available .hope this helps 

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