How many members are in each Qantas Frequent Flyer status tier?

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Hi, this has probably been answered somewhere already, but does anyone know how many members are in each Status Tier in QFF ?

Just curious :)


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Good question mickey68! I'm curious too! I should imagine it's Commercial-in-Confidence!


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I have it on good authority that there are at least a dozen Silvers, eight Golds and four Platinums (not including Chairman's Lounge)!

Nah, seriously Mickey68, Qantas doesn't reveal any of those numbers. The only numbers they have shared is that there are almost 10 million members in the QFF scheme although I think a lot of those would have no status at all because they signed up via Woolworths Everyday Rewards etc.


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Not generally published.

A number of years ago QF said there was around 60,000 Platinums which was around 1% of total memberships. Given the push through Woolworths since then I think total members has gone up to 9/10million but wouldn't think total number of elites has risen much.


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Anyone want to put down their best estimations? 


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2,000 CL

15,000 P1

80,000 WP

800,000 SG

3,000,000 PS

6,000,000 NB


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Three million with silver or above? I think you overestimate how much most people fly.


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A few years ago, before the CO merger, United's elite numbers were released. There were about 49,000 in the 1K tier, 239,000 in the gold tier, and 535,000 in silver. These correspond pretty closely in terms of earning difficulty with QF's three tiers; gold takes twice as much flying as silver and the top tier twice as much as gold.  

So If moa999's numbers are correct and there's 60,000 with Platinum status then I'd expect a corresponding 292,000 in gold and 655,000 in silver.

Mind you, that does sound like a very large number to me. Pre-merger United was still a significantly larger airline than Qantas, and 1K status isn't much harder to get than Platinum, so I'm not really sure if it makes sense that there should be more QF platinums than UA 1Ks.

I'm also doubtful that nearly 5% of Australians have at least silver status on QF.


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I don't know about the other tiers, but Chairman's Lounge has 7,000 people in it and has had that restricted number for a few years.  The last time that was confirmed by Qantas was in an article in the AFR in September in response to the new Virgin Invitation lounge.  There was also an article on this site in April 2012 where the 7,000 figure was stated.


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This is my estimate on the basis that the 80/20 rule is often a good guess (and also would be a logical ratio for airlines to set their tier requirements):

10m total members

2m are silver or above

400k are gold or above

80k are platinum or above

16k are P1 or above

CL is different because the criteria are different.

I don't think 2m silvers are too many, anyone who flies for work at all will get there, and even though this is 10% of Australians, I imagine a good portion are foreigners.

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