Becoming Qantas Silver on QF2: will I earn extra points from higher status mid-flight?

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Extra Points from higher status mid-flight

Hi, I will become Qantas Silver on QF2, before I reach the refuelling in Dubai. Will I then receive the 50% extra points from my Silver status for the second leg from Dubai to Sydney, or continue with the Bronze accrual rate? It is booked as one flight, and will my Dubai to Sydney boarding pass show Silver (Ruby)?


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AS you will be credited SC and points after you have taken the flight, it take a couples of days usually, your boarding pass will not show your upgraded status nor will you earn the bonus points for those flights.

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I seriously doubt it.  It takes 12-24 hrs for points from even Qantas flights to be credited, whereas partner airlines take a week or more.  I can't imagine that they will credit you retrospectively at the higher rate, let alone have the boarding pass at Dubai show your higher status.  My memory is that you'll receive two boarding passes at Heathrow.


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No definitely not.

If you had booked it as two separate flight numbers you would have gotten it for the second flight I think. Its not a matter of how long it takes for it to be credited; I have been promoted to the next tier on one flight, then boarded another flight a few hours after, and the status bonuses was credited correctly later on. It's just that you can't become a silver member (or any tier) mid flight. Status credits are award at the completion of a flight, not at the beginning or in the middle. 

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