How to estimate Qantas frequent flyer points and status credits earned on a flight

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Hi All,

Looking for some guidance re status and FF points. I am flying SYD to AKL on LAN (A340) in economy and returning AKL-SYD in First with EK and I can't seem to get an answer regarding how much status and FF points earnt. I am QFF Platinum,



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Hi Stuart, 
I am not sure about the LAN part of the flight, BUT on the return is your ticket on a QF flight # but opperated by EK? 


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i came back akl-mel in ek first on a qf ticket, status credits were 120 which would be the same for akl-syd.


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Here is the work-around to 1) Obtain an approximation of Frequent Flyer (FF) points, and 2) Obtain the amount of Status Credits (SC) earned. The Qantas website is inadequately designed to provide FF points and SC for all partner/OW/code-share flights.

1) FF Points

QF FF points are based on the number of miles flown. 1 mile = 1 FF point. To calculate the miles flown follow this website ( Key in your sectors and that will give you miles flown.

2) SC

SC are earned depending on the cabin and miles flown. Once you've calculated the miles as per (1) above, use the table on the Qantas website ( to identify the number of SC earned.

Hope this helps.


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Stuart: you will earn a lot less Qantas points and no status credits if you're flying on Emirates AKL-SYD under an EK flight number instead of a QF flight number. If you have booked the flight via Qantas and your ticket shows the QF codeshare flight number then you'll be much better off.

AusBT provides a very good summary in this article:


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Even easier is using Mileage Monkey (google it)

Use oneworld explorer validator, with ignore errors ticked.

SYD-AKL on LAN Discount economy = 20 SC.  (almost no fares will be full economy)

AKL-SYD on EK First, EK code = 0 SC

AKL-SYD on EK First, QF code = 120 SC

But as noted above the big question on the EK flight is whether it is coded as a Qantas flight number, as it makes a big difference to status credit earn


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Qantas' website provides detailed information about the number of points/status credits you'll earn on different partners - it's then just a matter of figuring out how many miles your flight is (I use the Great Circle Mapper which you can find via Google) and doing a quick multiplication. 

To calculate the points you'll earn use the information here: - just click on the relevant airline (generally the carrier whose flight number you're booked under rather than the carrier who will actually fly the flight) and you'll find a table with earn rates for different fares/cabins.

Status credits are easier because they're constant across all carriers. Use the table here:

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