How are baggage allowances calculated when transiting?

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How are baggage allowances calculated when transiting?

I am flying from SYD-AUH-ATH with etihad economy and I am a Gold *A member. Could I essentially fly across the tasman before hand with AirNZ to claim gold benefits and have the bags transited all the way to Athens with no extra charge?


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Many airlines these days will not through check baggage to a destination on a separate ticket, as they can open themselves up to charges if they fail to transfer baggage.

Technically speaking, and in accordance with IATA rules, the accepting carrier is responsible for charging the passenger any excess baggage fees that may be due, for their entire journey. Downline carriers are entitled to bill the accepting carrier for their share of excess baggage charges. This is made more difficult when the customer has different baggage allowances due to purchasing separate tickets, and is another reason why Air NZ may refuse to through check baggage.

I'm going to assume you're travelling on EY to AUH and on EY or Agean to Athens. Given Air NZ and EY have an extensive codeshare agreement, and Agean is star alliance anyway, I think you're better off trying to get away with getting EY to recognise your status at check-in in SYD.

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