DFW asked to accommodate A380's - Qantas?

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DFW asked to accommodate A380's - Qantas?

http:// (space added to allow posting for page) aviationblog.dallasnews.com/2014/02/whos-bringing-an-airbus-a380-to-dallasfort-worth-international-airport.html/?nclick_check=1


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A possiblity with the retiming of QF9 announced today. Quote from today's announcement:

"Qantas services between Melbourne and London will be re-timed in November 2014 to reduce A380 ground time in Heathrow (second quarter FY15). There are no changes to overall capacity on London flights."

"The Melbourne-London service change frees up an A380 for additional flying, and Qantas will evaluate opportunities to use the aircraft on other routes."

I believe it is a distinct possibility that it will be either QF or BA given it feeds traffic into the AA hub.



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I have seen this article and it does not state which airline.The time frame given would be at the end of the northern summer schedual.Very interesting with Qantas saying they are looking to better utilize the A380. 


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QF7/8 is the route to keep an eye on for the A380s - I definitely will - it will be interesting to see if the A/C type will be adequate for the long range route... at the very least it would make the DFW premise/product more appealing, and if they don't need to block off seats for fuel as currently, it'd increase capacity on the route immensely - which is much needed.

I will miss the 744s dearly, though - it's my favourite A/C type :(

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